CCWM Objectives

The following statement of objectives is found on the first page of the  Congolese Communityof Washington Metropolitan Constitution  the principal objectives of the organization shall be:  

  • To provide the education of Congolese adults and children in Congolese national languages and culture, French and English;
  • To contribute the sentiments  love, respect, dignity and social solidarity among Congolese people in general and its members in particular
  • To establish a Congolese Community Center
  • To organize some educational and informative activities and conferences
  • To recognize the merits of its members who excel in the area of their activities
  • To encourage the promotion of Congolese entrepreneurship development in the US, world and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • To celebrate Congolese national holidays
  • To assist in combating the deterioration in the areas of health and education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • To participate in any activity that is not inconsistent with the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable to the states laws.

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